Avant-Garde Bicycle Frame Reduces Pain & Discomfort

Avant-Garde Bicycle Frame Reduces Pain & Discomfort

The RoundTail bike design includes loops rather than triangle-shaped rear frames to absorb more shockwaves.

Yi Chen

Tortola RoundTail road bicycle frame may look speculative with its two extra loops at the back, but it’s actually more ergonomic and creates a smoother ride. The two hallow steel circles are designed to absorb more shockwaves, compared to the usual triangle-shaped frame in the rear. The rider can enjoy a more comfortable ride, even after hitting bumps as the RoundTail frame can decrease vibration by up to 50 times. After cyclists rode the RoundTail for 50 miles, they experienced no pain or discomfort, which is often felt on other frames.

The RoundTail was created by bike-enthusiast and also entrepreneur, Lou Tortola, who resides in Canada. He wanted a bicycle frame that ‘dramatically increases comfort, while retaining the lateral stiffness and peddling efficiency of traditional diamond frame bicycles’.

Watch the video below to see the RoundTail in action.