Bookmarking App Saves Your Favorite Bars, Restaurants & Shops

Matchbook helps you organize places you hear about from a friend or blog, walk past or visit.

Instead of taking a restaurant’s branded matchbook after your visit, you could use bookmarking app Matchbook to remember your favorite places. It uses location information from Foursquare and the iPhone’s built-in GPS to save bars, restaurants and shops, and you can then tag locations and make notes about them.

All of your bookmarked places are automatically organized by neighborhood and viewable on a map. You can run searches of your bookmarks to find the perfect place you’re looking for and view the top saved places from other users.

Bookmarking App Saves Your Favorite Bars, Restaurants & Shops

You can instantly send places from your computer’s web browser to the app, and you can also share locations with a friend via text message. All of the bookmarks you save are stored locally so the app will work anywhere, even in the subway. Matchbook was updated this week and is available worldwide for free from the App store.