Carlsberg Fills A Movie Theatre Full Of Bikers To Promote Their Beer

An interactive advertisement for the beer brand, put young couples in a bit of ‘risky’ situation.

Riding off the tag-line ‘That Calls for a Carlsberg,’ Duval Guillaume Modem decided to test the perseverance of a number of innocent couples in a movie theater.

Created for Danish brewing company Carlsberg, the communications agency filled a cinema with 148 ‘bad boy’ bikers, leaving only two seats free.  Cue the ‘innocent couples’ who, when entering the cinema, were faced with two free seats right in the thick of the ‘ not-so-friendly gentlemen’.  Some overwhelmed couples took to the exit, whilst the ones that worked their way through the crowd, into the seats were rewarded with a cold beer, a spotlight and a cheerful toast.

Watch the clip below:


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