DeLorean’s Retro Gull-Winged Car Goes Electric

DeLorean’s Retro Gull-Winged Car Goes Electric

The iconic DMC-12 sports car will be converted into an electric vehicle.

Yi Chen

American automobile manufacturer DeLorean will be revamping its iconic gull-winged car by converting it to an all-electric vehicle. The electric DMC-12 model is currently only a prototype and was debuted at the DMC Texas Open House Event on 14 October. DeLorean is working with Epic EV, an electric car company, in hopes of rolling out the electric DMC-12 by 2013. The expected price would be around $90,000.

The DeLorean DMC-12 sports car has a distinctive stainless body with unique doors that open ‘upwards.’ It rose to mainstream popularity when it was featured in the film, Back to the Future.