Foursquare Hack ‘Intersquares’ Shows You Where You’ve Checked-In With Friends

Find out the places you’ve been with other users by connecting this app to your account.

Google engineer Mihai Parparita recently took part in the Foursquare Global Hackathon in San Francisco, where he put together Intersquares, an app for comparing users’ check-in history to see which places they have been together.

Foursquare Hack 'Intersquares' Shows You Where You've Checked-In With Friends

To use the app, users need to connect their Foursquare account and send a link to the person they want to compare check-ins with. Once they’ve clicked the link, the app generates a list of their shared check-ins including all the dates, locations and times. It was created as a way to relive memories, find close calls, or if you’ve just met someone you can see where your paths have crossed before.

Intersquares was picked as a grand prize finalist in the hackathon, chosen from over 90 entries by Foursquare employees and online votes. This video demo shows the app in action: