Google+ New Feature Mimics Twitter’s Trending Topics Sidebar

Two new features enable users to see and track the most popular shared posts.

Google+ has launched a new feature similar to Twitter’s trending topics sidebar, called “What’s Hot.” The widget collects the most popular publicly shared items across Google+ and displays it on the users’ Google+ streams. In addition, Google+ enables users to see how their posts are spreading across the social network with an infographic called “Ripples.” Vic Gundotra, Google’s senior vice president of engineering, shares his thoughts on the new features:

Google+ users share and receive billions of items every day—on a wide range of topics, in nearly every country.Whether it’s breaking news or beautiful photos, you just don’t want to miss anything. With this in mind, we’re launching ‘What’s Hot’ on Google+, a new place to visit for interesting and unexpected content.

Check out a video demo of these cool new Google+ updates below.