Magnetic Nail Polish Is A Unique Attraction

Magnetic Nail Polish Is A Unique Attraction

Nails inc releases three special effects products that create patterns with metallic particles.

Emma Hutchings

Nails inc has launched a range of magnetic nail polishes with a unique formula specially developed with iron powder that creates a pattern when a magnet is held over it. After applying a coat of polish to your nail, you simply position the over cap close above it while it’s still wet for around 10 seconds to create the effect. There is a magnet embedded in the cap, which attracts the powder in the polish and makes it gravitate towards it, creating a unique design.

There are three colors available for £13 ($20), named after iconic London attractions: Trafalgar Square (metallic chrome), Houses of Parliament (metallic purple) and Big Ben (metallic gold). You can watch a video demonstration of the magnetic nail polish below:

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