Special Bike Paints Chinese Calligraphy Like A Giant Dot Matrix Printer

Multimedia artist Nicholas Hanna brings a high-tech twist to a classic Chinese art form.

Inspired by the beautiful handwork of Chinese calligraphers, Nicholas Hanna decided to bring water calligraphy to sidewalk pavements on a whole new level. Using an ordinary bike with a cart attached full of supplies, he created his Water Calligraphy Bike, which prints Chinese characters on the street as Hanna pedals along.

His unique system involves water bottles strapped to the back of his bike. A water pump feeds the water into specialized nozzles which are controlled with electronic boards connected to his laptop. Hanna’s program feeds signals into the water nozzles so they dispense the exact amount of water at regular intervals, creating printed patterns on the road like a dot-matrix printer. Hanna’s one-of-a-kind bike has gained much attention, and is featured in Beijing’s Design Week.

Nicholas Hanna