Which Intersection In New York Is The Most Dangerous For Pedestrians?

CrashStat is an interactive map that point out intersections in New York with the most road accidents.

According to an interactive map produced by the Transportation Alternatives, the most dangerous intersection for pedestrians in New York City, USA, is the corner of Park Avenue and 33rd Street, where 163 pedestrians have been injured between 1995 and 2009.

CrashStat compiles stats and information of road accidents into a clean, aesthetic visual representation. Users can see crash statistics by neighborhood, community, precincts, various geographic and even political boundaries. The interactive map can also filter and sort accident details such as ‘Crash Details’, ‘Bike/Ped Details’, ‘Motorist’ and ‘Contributing Factors’. The user can even click to expand on information like age and sex of the pedestrian or cyclist struck and the type of vehicle (car, truck or bus).