App Enhances Photos With Animation Inspired By René Magritte

Users of the 'Magritte Your World' iPhone app can capture their surroundings with an animated surrealist lens.

Kristen Nozell
Kristen Nozell on November 11, 2011. @kristen_n

A recently-released application for iPhone allows users to embellish their photos with animation inspired by the popular 20th century Belgian artist, René Magritte. The release of the app, which was developed by Manchester-based collective, Dorothy, coincided with a major exhibition of Magritte’s work at the Tate Liverpool.

The camera-based app functions by prompting users to photograph a scene and then ‘Magritte’ it. An animated overlay of bowler hat and suit-clad men raining from the sky will then appear over the image, mimicking the well-known 1953 Magritte painting, Golconda. Users can record this animation and easily post the video clips to Flickr, Facebook, or share via email.

The app provides a contemporary access-point to the surrealist artist’s work, which prompts users to question their perception of reality.

Magritte Your World

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