ATM Company In NYC Offers Free Transactions In Exchange For Advertisements

The machine plays an ad while you wait for your cash and prints out a receipt with branding or a coupon.

Free ATMs NYC is a surcharge-free ATM company in the United States that brings the public and third party advertisers together in order to achieve free transactions and cash withdrawals. Their first machine is located at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory in Williamsburg, New York and is free to everyone who uses it.

The company, led by 25-year-old Clinton Townsend, wants to install their machines in areas of the city that the major banks aren’t serving and where independently operated ATMs charge as much as $3 for each transaction.

While using a Free ATMs NYC machine, the 15-inch screen plays an advertisement as you are waiting for your cash to be dispensed and then prints out a branded receipt or coupon. The company believes their service provides a mutually beneficial transaction experience that is good for both the public and the advertisers.