Best Buy Launches Home Energy Department To Help Control Consumption And Cost

The online and in-store learning centers provide technology products, solutions and services for consumers.

Best Buy has launched an experimental Home Energy learning center both on its website and in three US stores, to help consumers understand, control and reduce their home’s energy consumption and costs.

The learning center provides self-assessment tools, home energy survey and audits and the latest technology for controlling your home and energy costs. Home safety and energy management products like remotely controlled thermostats, lights and locks are available to purchase. There will be in-store demos to show you how they work, along with product demonstration videos online.

Best Buy Launches Home Energy Department To Help Control Consumption And Cost

Knowledgeable Blue Shirts and Agents will be on-hand in the physical departments to answer questions about products, solutions and featured services, including energy assessments, product installation, and local energy incentives and rebates. Neil McPhail, senior vice president of the new business customer solutions group at Best Buy, said:

Our role is to help consumers make the most of the technology in their lives, and the Home Energy concept is our latest experiment that will demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of our employees, and how our brands and our channels can help consumers understand how to own, use, and maintain energy efficient technologies.

The three Home Energy centers inside Best Buy stores in Chicago, Houston, and San Carlos, California will help the company gauge consumer interest before they are introduced to more stores across the country.

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