Design Creative Of The Week: Lauren Bowker [Fashion, Textiles, Accessories]

Design Creative Of The Week: Lauren Bowker [Fashion, Textiles, Accessories]

This week's bright young creative, chosen by PSFK x Arts Thread uses thermal dye and light to create pieces that reinvent the natural world.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK

PHNX ash stage, Lauren Bowker

In the thirteenth of our series of ‘Creatives of the Week’ chosen from ARTS THREAD’s graduate portfolios, we take a look at the specialisms of fashion/textiles/accessories and highlights the portfolio of Lauren Bowker.

A Textiles MA graduate of the Royal College of Art, London, Lauren Bowker has a unique approach to textiles that fuses creativity with scientific curiosity. She is inspired by ‘Making the invisible, visible’. In her recent work she uses thermal chromatic dyes to create experimental textiles and installations.

PHNX from phnx on Vimeo.

Lauren says:

As a textile innovator, artist and designer I am intrigued by the cycle of life and how it can be controlled and revealed. I have embarked upon a journey to visualise, control and construct a piece that constantly evolves, lives and dies in front of our eyes.

Through the expansion of many types of ink, I have developed an original take on dynamic chromic imaging. Using focused thermal beams, sequentially controlled through computer software to allow my pieces to take on lives of their own.

PHNX, close up of colour change feathers, Lauren Bowker

Not only does my project PHNX have applications in the artistic ways I have perceived it for the exhibition, the technology behind the ink has the potential to break grounds in the area of healthcare, sports and wearable sensors. As a designer, I am inspired by the notion of visualising the invisible and creating a textile that is both as useful to us as it is aesthetic.

Lauren Bowker

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