eBay Customize Consumers’ Shopping List Based On TV Shows They Watch

The famous online retailer releases new function for its iPad app, allowing consumers to browse through and purchase items based on their TV-viewing patterns.

Retail giant, eBay, is launching a new feature to enable users to shop while watching TV. The new “Watch with eBay” tab on eBay’s iPad app will deliver product listings according to what show the user is currently watching. All the users need to do is input their zip code, cable provider, channel, and program to receive personalized product results.  eBay said in a statement that it plans to work with TV networks, cable providers and studios to enable the app to identify products featured in a show.

The company tested the feature in a non-consumer-facing pilot program -- The Bold and the Beautiful, that made every single item in an entire episode taggable. The app is available for free in iTunes app store. See eBay’s ad for the new technology below.