Foursquare Encouraged Voting With Civic Duty Points

Foursquare Encouraged Voting With Civic Duty Points

Social media site allowed U.S. voters to earn points by checking into poll booths.

Yi Chen

Location-based social media site encouraged tech-savvy enthusiasts with ‘civic duty’ points to vote during Election Day in the U.S. Foursquare users discovered the pleasant reward when they checked into poll booths on 8 November.

Last year, Foursquare initiated a similar function where voters who checked-in during Election Day received a ‘I Voted’ badge to let friends know that they voted. Last year, Eric Friedman who works for Foursquare in business development commented on the success of the voting feature:

It’s not forced conversation. But, specially with voting, it’s a way to put a stamp on something you did, and say, ‘I did this, and it’s what I’m all about.’