GE Showcase Innovation And Technology In China With Online Animated Fables [Video]

Based on classic Chinese folklore but with a modern twist, they illustrate how stories can inspire future change.

Agency TBWA/Tequila/Shanghai launched a new online campaign for General Electric in China featuring a number of animated films that draw from ancient Chinese fables to show how inspiring ideas and local tales can become an innovative reality. ‘Future Folklore’ is a storytelling platform designed to showcase technology and imagination. All of the stories are based on classic folklore but they are told with a modern twist. They illustrate how innovation can be found in the wisdom of tales, and fantasy can turn into reality, inspiring future change for the better.

The campaign is aimed at business executives, government officials and healthcare professionals and is a ‘call to action’ for consumers to step up and use their imagination combined with technology to help find solutions that will write our ‘Future Folklore’. It will run on various Chinese websites until December, and you can watch one of the animated tales below:

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