JCPenney’s QR Code Gift Tags Carry Personal Voice Recorded Messages

The department store has upgraded the traditional gift and greeting card by letting shoppers recorded a personal messages to attach to their purchases using QR codes.

As part of a multi-layered holiday campaign which includes online, mobile and social elements, department store chain JC Penney has innovated on the traditional holiday gift tag by making it possible for customers to attach personal voice recorded messages to their purchases using QR codes.

JC Penney customers who buy a gift from one of their 1,100 locations this holiday season will receive a free QR code tag, or Santa Tag, with their purchase. Using any free QR code reader, they can scan the code to record and attach a personal voice message up to 60 seconds long. The recipient of the gift can then scan the tag to receive the affixed voice message. Check out the video below to see the process in action:

The QR code promotion is one aspect of JC Penney’s “Who’s Your Santa!” advertising campaign which also includes a Facebook game kicking off on November 28th.

JC Penney