New Bank In Neighborhood Offers Local Audio Tour Via In-Window QR Code

The mobile tag at the branch in New York’s Union Square takes folks on an audio-tour of the area.

The team at PSFK passed a new branch of a bank in Manhattan recently called Flushing Bank. In the window was displayed a QR code – and although that’s not really news these days, what was interesting about it was that the real-world hyperlink didn’t take people to a page about the bank’s products. Instead the mobile tag at the branch at 225 Park Avenue South takes folks to an audio-tour of the area. Sure it’s not the most dynamic of content – but still it shows a simple way to connect to and celebrate a new neighborhood the bank has landed in.

John R. Buran, President and Chief Executive Officer of Flushing Bank, says in a press release:

“We are excited to be a part of the Union Square community. This premier location is in one of Manhattan’s most historically rich neighborhoods. In celebration of our new Park Avenue South location, we have created a short video on the history of the area and a walking tour of Union Square.”