Social Network Helps You Meet The Neighbors

Social Network Helps You Meet The Neighbors

Nextdoor will not only help you to build ties in your community but also to build your business network.

Liz Walsh

Imagine combining Facebook with Yelp. Now filter out all the people in the network who live miles away and cancel the status updates you don’t need.

Now imagine that you need a power drill, or a babysitter, and don’t always trust Craigslist to¬† be the most reliable source.

Enter Nextdoor, the new social network designed for you and your¬†neighbors, and that’s all. It’s private, and you have to actually live in the neighborhood to write reviews etc. and offer skills and services. It won’t sell your information, and it won’t bombard you with pop-ups and banners.

Perhaps the most innovative potential we see for Nextdoor is this: it’s going to build strong communities. But Nextdoor is different from regular social networks, and here’s why: the people in your Nextdoor network are people in your immediate local community. They’re people you’ll see regularly, and it’s that regular face-to-face interaction that has the potential to help you build ties–whether it’s finding someone to watch your kids, tracking down investors for projects, or discovering that your neighbor is a graphic designer and builds websites.

From potential business opportunities to reliable reviews, to just getting to know your neighbors and meeting new friends, Nextdoor seems like the social media platform that is not only creates community but is also incredibly useful.


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