31 Million Virtual Farmers Tend To The In-Game Devastation Caused By Climate Change [Future Of Gaming]

Destination Reality: Farmville would drop a dose of climate reality on the 31 million people who log on daily to play the famous Zynga game.

PSFK recently challenged top creative agencies from around the globe to come up with concepts that address issues put forth by The Climate Reality Project. Participants in the Gaming For Good challenge were encouraged to leverage trends identified in PSFK’s Future Of Gaming report to create potential solutions.

Destination Reality: Farmville was a shortlisted submission by the Boston agency, Arnold Worldwide.

It’s a funny thing when there are more virtual farmers than real ones on Earth. We know real-life farmers see the effects of climate change, but do virtual ones? The Destination Reality concept proposes a partnership with massive multi-player game, Farmville, to drop a dose of climate reality on the 31 million people who log on daily to tend to their plants, harvest, and redeem gold coins for seeds, supplies, and fuel.

In partnership with Zynga, an event could be held during which the crops of Farmville gamers are exposed to the inclement weather and wind associated with climate change. To mitigate the effects of the adverse conditions, gamers could purchase Climate Reality Project branded goods that allow for adaptation to the unexpected weather. These goods could take the form of wind-powered tractors, windmills, jackets to shield you from the elements, seeds for heartier crops like organic cassava and chickpeas, decorations like a Climate Reality flag, rainwater collection troughs, and green ring tags for your livestock. This would be done in a way that presents a challenge to Farmville players, and makes it possible via gameplay mechanics to heal the destruction caused by adverse climate events, illustrating that through action, they can change the current trajectory.

Arnold Worldwide

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