Glasses Fitted With Speakers & Scent Emitters Could Improve Your Social Life

The Sound Perfume eyewear aims to heighten encounters with a multi-sensory experience.

Simply called the Sound Perfume glasses, this eyewear is able to send out sounds and smells that are unique to the person you meet. Created by researchers from Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, these glasses aim to make face-to-face encounters more pleasurable and memorable.

The Sound Perfume glasses are equipped with infrared sensors and built-in speakers and scent emitters. When the glasses detect someone else wearing a pair of Sound Perfume glasses nearby, a message containing your name, contact number, unique sounds and odor are transmitted to the person. In return, you will also receive the other person’s information, sounds and scent.

All the information can be stored on a mobile phone, so when the user walks past the location, the sound and smell of the other person can be triggered to evoke a multi-sensory memory of the encounter.

What the video below to see how the pair of Sound Perfume glasses work.