Interactive Game Empowers ‘Heroes’ To Capture Climate Abuse [Future Of Gaming]

Climate Heroes is Gaming for Good concept that gives players the opportunity to become a superhero and take up the fight to solve the planet’s...

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs on December 16, 2011. @timjamesryan

PSFK recently challenged top creative agencies from around the globe to come up with concepts that address issues put forth by The Climate Reality Project. Participants in the Gaming For Good challenge were encouraged to leverage trends identified in PSFK’s Future Of Gaming report to create potential solutions.

Climate Heroes was a shortlisted submission by the Italian agency, Esterni.

Climate Heroes is an online game that capitalizes on the long-standing role of superheroes as beacons of goodness in our lives. This game gives players the opportunity to become a superhero and take up the fight to solve the planet’s climate issues. The future of the planet is in their hands. Create your profile and save the world!

Players are able to select from a number of superhero avatars, such as Mr. Smog and Miss Waste, all of which are visually engaging and representative of a specific climate challenge. Players can capture climate abuse using their mobile phones and share photos or news items. Those that do so with regular frequency and take on the role of ‘influencer’ will be engaged by the Organization to do a public mission. A sample mission might be to organize a flash mob that sheds light on a specific issue.

Multiple players can embody the same avatar and can choose to go on similar missions. In doing so, they create a team or a community of do-gooders that are battling a similar problem. The website can serve as a platform or forum for an open dialog amongst superheroes. Players can share information, ideas and the successful ways in which they have combated climate abuse in their communities. The community could also be incentivized through things like prizes and recognition.


For more information about our how games can be used to support the reality of climate change, read our Gaming for Good Report.