Marc Jacobs Launches Holiday Album With Photos Of Fans & Followers

Those who tag their pictures are in with a chance to win branded prizes.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on December 8, 2011.

Fashion and fragrance company Marc Jacobs is connecting with its consumers this holiday season with a campaign that invites them to share their festive pictures in an online photo album. Those who submit the most popular images will receive branded prizes.

Marc Jacobs Launches Holiday Album With Photos Of Fans & Followers

The MarcFam campaign focuses on the brand’s community and welcomes fans and followers into its family for the holiday. Users who tag their photos with #MarcFam on Instagram, Twitter or in Foursquare check-ins will see them added to the photo album on the Marc Jacobs website. Users will get the chance to vote for the photos and the people who uploaded the most-liked ones will win products from Marc Jacobs. Daniel Plenge, the digital and social master at Marc Jacobs in New York, said:

 Marc Jacobs Intl. is a brand full of eccentricities. Through our social channels, our fans reach out to us in ways that reflect our own eccentricities. We hear their stories and see their photos that illustrate those stories. For the holiday season, we wanted to connect with people by making a collage of images in a fun and easy way.

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