Tiffany’s Holiday Ad Campaign On Pandora Aims To Boost In-Store Traffic

Banner advertisements on the internet radio service link to incentives, product images and a campaign video.

The jewelry company Tiffany & Co. has partnered with internet radio service Pandora to promote its holiday ad campaign and drive in-store traffic. For its “Some Holidays are Unforgettable” campaign, it is displaying banner advertisements on the radio provider’s site.

When Pandora users click the ads, they are taken to a mobile-optimized site where they can view close-up images of Tiffany products and find in-store incentives. Users aren’t able to place orders on the site and are instead directed to Tiffany locations where they can purchase the products in-store.

They can also watch Tiffany’s holiday campaign video featuring a couple in love walking in the snow, the woman wearing items from Tiffany’s jewelry collection and the man holding the signature little blue box. You can take a look at the “Some Holidays are Unforgettable” video below: