Trends For 2012: Social Innovator On Personal Brand Making

Klout’s Joe Fernandez believes entrepreneurs should leverage the movement around celebrating tech start-up stars.

To support a new initiative from Intel aimed at uncovering and supporting young Innovators, PSFK has tapped some of the world’s established innovators to share some insights into what young entrepreneurs should be on the lookout for in 2012. We asked the Founder and CEO of Klout, Joe Fernandez, to share insight into what was exciting him about the coming year. In 2008, Joe started Klout in an effort to help companies understand the impact of individuals upon their respective businesses by providing context around who a person influences and about which topics they are particularly influential. Today, Klout describes itself as the standard for influence on the social web. Joe is a great believer in personal branding and he believes entrepreneurs should leverage the movement around celebrating tech start-up stars. He told PSFK:

Entrepreneurs are the new rock stars. Mark Zuckerburg has a movie about him and founders from Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and other companies are involved in major advertising campaigns for national brands. People like Jack, Pincus and Reid are known by just one word. In 2012, I believe entrepreneurs should look for the opportunity to build their personal brand. This is a huge help in recruiting, fund raising and building buzz for your company.

The one caution here is that if there isn’t substance behind your hype, the world will turn on you and you will look like a total fool.

Thanks Joe!

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