Wrap Gifts Like A Burger

Wrap Gifts Like A Burger

Spread some tasty holiday cheer with concept wrapping paper that makes a stack of presents look like a cheeseburger.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK

At PSFK, we’ve been noticing some really inventive and unique packaging ideas for the holiday season, we’d like to highlight this amusing concept that just was successfully funded on Kickstarter, the cheeseburger wrapping paper. Launched by Gift Couture, the Cheeseburger is a 5-paper set each with a different design that when wrapped and stacked together makes the perfect cheeseburger.

Check out the demo below:

Gift Couture aims to make high-quality wrapping and packaging sets that work together into a concept, the Cheeseburger being the first (and pretty great) example. When released, the set will include:

2 – 27″ x 40″ Sheets of Bun

1 – 27″ x 40″ Sheet of Hamburger

1 – 27″ x 40″ Sheet of Cheese

1 – 27″ x 40″ Sheet of Lettuce

1 – 27″ x 40″ Sheet of Tomatoes

For a pledge of $20 or more you can get the entire set by February 2012. Too bad it will be after the holidays, seeing this under the tree would be a delight.

Gift Couture on Kickstarter

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