Billboard Housing Concept Helps Finance Homes With Ads

Billboard Housing Concept Helps Finance Homes With Ads

Design studio Apostrophy's creates a prototype that puts outdoor media on traditional housing.

Emma Hutchings

Bangkok-based design studio Apostrophy’s has come up with a concept for billboard houses in Thailand that put outdoor advertising on homes with the aim of reducing visual clutter while still promoting brands. This would create a new channel and finance model for advertising as the space is leased in installments paid to the homeowner, making advertising investments more flexible and reducing home ownership costs. It is also one possible solution to the rising costs of outdoor media in Thailand.

Design Indaba reports that the “Billboard House” prototype has a multi-story design, with a fa├žade featuring a trivison billboard. The interior makes efficient use of the available space and includes solar cells on the roof and hydroponic plants on shelves and handrails. Apostrophy’s believes the residential design benefits three different parties: the client who wants to use it for advertising, the owner of the house, and the agency that coordinates the transaction between them. Click through the photos and watch the video below for more information: