Brooklyn-Based Workshop Offers Local Designers Resources To Create And Manage Their Own Brands

A Brooklyn atelier helps designers create high-quality fashion via a more transparent processes.

Brooklyn Sewn is a new in-house fashion atelier in Williamsburg that is working to keep the tradition of creating high-quality garments alive. The brain behind it all is David Gensler, founder of the Keystone Design Union–a Brooklyn-based design consultancy, and apparel label Serum Versus Venom. The atelier offers everything from pattern-making to production runs, giving local designers control over the entire production process and the opportunity to produce their brands on a small, accountable scale. Designers can also take advantage of the strategic and marketing services that Keystone Design Union provides. Gensler aims to rebrand sustainability in clothing production, stressing that what used to be an economic term has now been co-opted as a marketing tool. As Ecouterre writer Amanda Coen discovered in her interview:

You have to examine the humanitarian, economic, and environmental impact of a product in its entirety, from materials sourcing and manufacturing to production and sales.

In addition to serving other designers and brands, Brooklyn Sewn will also function as the primary production quarters of Serum Versus Venom, Gensler’s “anti-mass-agenda” clothing line. With Serum Versus Venom and Brooklyn Sewn, Gensler wants to redefine and create a 3rd Ward for fashion by focusing on process, quality, and transparency.

Image via Amanda Coen

Brooklyn Sewn