New Culture Website Is The New Yorker Of Live Content curates video of visual art, music, literature, theatre, dance and cinema for an upscale audience.

HiBrow is a website launched this week that curates HD videos of top-notch art. It plays to an upper-class, highly educated audience, and with over 10 hours of video content one could think of it as a TED or YouTube focused on aesthetics. Founded by Don Boyd, a UK-based filmmaker, the home page offers selections for visual art (paintings and sculptures), music, literature, theatre, dance and cinema. According to one article,

Every month at least 7 hours of fresh content will be added to the site, ranging from interviews with authors, actors, directors, artists, conductors and musicians, to films of rehearsals and behind the scenes documentaries which will complement the professionally produced primary content.

Check out some images of the site in the gallery below: