Marc Jacobs Encourages Fans To Be Part Of The Family Photo Album

Tapping into social media, fashion brand creates a collage of crowdsourced fan images from Twitter.

Designer fashion house Marc Jacobs made consumers feel like part of the brand with its MarcFam campaign. Launched over the holiday season, the social media project asked fans to share festive photos or photos related to Marc Jacobs by using the hashtag #MarcFam on Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare. The photos were then uploaded to an online photo album on the brand’s website. Visitors were able to vote for their favorite images and users with the most popular photos were able to win Marc Jacobs merchandise.

The project had over 1,500 uploads and the site constantly attracted a flow of visitors that explored and voted for their favorite photos. The success of the campaign has led Marc Jacobs to continue the project in 2012 and allow fans and consumers to share their photos.

Marc Jacobs: MarcFam