Microsoft’s New Surface Interactive Table Sees Your Point [CES 2012]

The screen of SUR40 supplied by Samsung can see multiple users’ hands – leading to evolved natural user interface.

At CES 2012, Microsoft showed PSFK a new update to their Surface computer. Steve Clayton explained that the interactive table uses a screen supplied by Samsung that employs four pixels rather than the standard three RGB pixels because the additional pixel is a camera. This feature makes the horizontal screen a giant lens and therefore offers improved natural user interface. That means that the screen doesn’t need to be touched because it can see your fingers.

The Surface SUR40 can also see the direction your finger is pointing and Steve said that will be an enhanced feature for designers as they improve how people interact with the technology. The screen of SUR40 supplied by Samsung can even see multiple users’ hands.

Other features included the ability to transfer content from the table to a phone through the scanning of an image’s Microsoft Tag. Watch this ‘rough cut’ video that we took to see some of the features demonstrated:

Microsoft Surface