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Mobile Printer Plugs Into Your Phone And Prints Your Texts

Mobile Printer Plugs Into Your Phone And Prints Your Texts

A furniture and product designer's portable device can connect to a mobile phone to print out your text conversations of any length or format.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Have you ever wished you could make a quick copy of a brief, heartwarming SMS message you received from a loved one or a three-message-long directive from a client, but you end up having to encode the whole message word-for-word on a computer just to print it? Producing physical copies for electronic messages such as SMS and IM may be unnecessarily cumbersome and time-consuming, but an innovative solution by multi-platform designer Joe Doucet aims to make keeping physical records of electronic messages a lot easier.

Doucet’s “BlackBox SMS Printer” does just that; the portable machine connects to your phone via a cable and uses a standard, non-carbon receipt printing system to create two matching records of any length of conversation. Douchet describes the product:

Whether the communique is of a loving or legal nature, SMS and IM conversations are only in electronic format, leaving no physical copies as a means for remembrance…BlackBox offers instant records of conversations with a second copy that can be shared with the other party. After all, a paperless society only sounds good on paper.

Blackbox SMS Printer

Joe Doucet

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