Moonlight Cushion Lights Up Your Living Room

Multi-colored pillow will add a miniature art installation to your couch

Sam McNerney
Sam McNerney on January 26, 2012.

Your living room is about to get a little more interesting. A pillow dubbed the “Moonlight Cushion,” that comes equipped with a light-up multi-color changing cushion powered by internal LEDs, is now on sale. The pillow is made from ultra-soft plush fur. An easily accessible battery pack is embedded in the pillow that turns on with a simple tap. The psychedelic pillow might not have any practical purposes, but it does set an interesting mood in a living room or bedroom.

Take a look at the video from Gadgets and Gears below that shows the cushion in action:

Image Credit: Pursuitist

Moonlight Cushion

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Sam McNerney

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