Musical Luggage Path Makes Walking Through The Airport More Enjoyable

Jeriel Bobbe’s “Me-lo-di” tiles let travelers make music with their suitcases as they make their way through winding walkways.

Dutch design graduate Jeriel Bobbe‘s “Me-lo-di” luggage path introduces ribbed wooden tiles to airport floors that can be arranged to create different pieces of music when a traveler pulls their wheeled suitcase along them.

Musical Luggage Path Makes Walking Through The Airport More Enjoyable

The individual panels, constructed by Netherlands-based production company Bruns, feature ribbed surfaces designed to produce specific musical notes when luggage is moved across them at a normal walking speed. The distance between the ribs determines the pitch of the tones and the height determines the volume. The wooden tiles can be rearranged to compose different pieces of music. This project was displayed at the Design Academy Eindhoven’s graduation show at Dutch Design Week and Jeriel Bobbe explains how they are transforming airports:

This project will sound like music to your ears. Whether I walk on sidewalks or on blind led tiles, there is music everywhere! I designed ribbed tiles to reproduce this effect… The tiles are being deployed in airports to compete with the horizontal escalators. In a playful way, the traveler is triggered to walk by himself. Which way do you choose?

Check out the video below to see the interesting design in action:

Jeriel Bobbe