Smart Fridge Manages Your Grocery List And Monitors Food Freshness

The latest concept product from Samsung may change the way users interact with their home environments.

Sam McNerney
Sam McNerney on January 28, 2012.

Fridges are about to get much smarter. PSFK stopped by the Samsung booth at the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to see what the future of refrigeration might look like. Samsung is currently showcasing a fridge that comes with an embedded touch screen that connects to the Internet and lets users shop straight from their fridge. (This feature is currently concept-only in the United States.) Additional features include a washer/dryer manager that allows users to check out how much time is remaining on a load; it doubles as a TV by streaming from other TVs in the house; and a convenient grocery manager keeps track of how much food you have and the expiration dates of various products.

The best part of the fridge is that it connects to Samsung smartphones which means that users can remotely turn the washer/dyer on or off, check what is in their fridge while shopping at the grocery store, and write memos that act as a digital fridge magnet or post-it note.

Check out our video taken from CES below:


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