iPhone Wallpaper Series Pokes Fun At Our Smartphone Addiction

Designer, Nico Ordozgoiti, uses humor to expose the obvious truths associated with owning one of Apple’s ubiquitous mobile devices.

We are definitely seeing a trend emerge this week, as we highlight modern culture’s attachment to mobile phones. From our ‘Texting While Walking‘ to the ‘What is Phone Stacking?‘ post, the hilarious iPhone wallpaper series ‘Truth Hurts’ falls right in line with the themes of smartphone addiction and social etiquette. Nico Ordozgoiti, a designer based in Madrid, Spain created this collection told from the perspective of an iPhone. The reality check told in bold, clean type acts as a truthful reminder of things forgotten in the midst of incessant phone checking.

Click the thumbnails below to get more aesthetic doses of reality:


Nico Ordozgoiti