Sweden Plans A Four-Lane Bike Superhighway

Sweden Plans A Four-Lane Bike Superhighway

The nordic city plans an environmentally beneficial and healthy way to travel between two cities that capitalizes on a strong local cycling culture.

Yi Chen

Sweden is planning to connect its cities Lund and Malmö by building a cyclist superhighway stretching over 12.5 miles. The four-lane highway will be designed to follow alongside railway tracks and have fences and bushes in place to offer cyclists wind protection.

Lund and Malmö are both cities with a strong bike culture. In Lund, 60% of the population either bike or use public transport to get one place to another. While in Malmö, cycling has increased 30% each year for the last four years.

The bicycle superhighway is estimated to cost around 50 million Swedish crowns (US $7.1 million) and will take eight years to complete.