Behance: The Most Popular Creative Projects Of 2011

Behance: The Most Popular Creative Projects Of 2011

A round-up of the most interesting and inspiring work by the next generation of young creative professionals.

  • 4 january 2012

#10 Minimalist Effect in the Maximalist Party by Mehmet Gozetlik (Turkey)
Mehmet Gozetlik redesigns the packaging for well-known products like Red Bull and Nutella with a much more simplistic approach. The outcome is a new series of clean and simple packages. [Project Link]

#9: Pictogram music posters by by Viktor Hertz (Uppsala, Sweden)
Viktor Hertz, the only Behance member to have 2 projects in Behance’s top 10 most appreciated list, makes his second appearance with this series of Pictogram Music Posters. From 8 Days a Week to Peace on Earth, Hertz gives these songs new life with his simple graphics. [Project Link]


#8 The Greatest Brandversations  by Stefan Asafti (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Stefan Asafti has also altered well-known company logos to tell a different story. Combining logos with that of their competitors, The Greatest Brandversations plays with the notion that most successful brands are in constant conversation with one another. [Project Link]

#7: Honest logos by by Viktor Hertz (Uppsala, Sweden)
Viktor Hertz‘s Honest Logos pokes fun at well-known companies and their content by altering their logos with new messaging. Controversial or hilarious, this project got a lot of Behance members talking. [Project Link]

Another World by by Alexander Semenov (Russia)
Alexander Semenov‘s underwater photographs document the beautiful monsters and colors that make up Another World, that exists below the surface. [Project Link]

#5: Rainbow Gathering by by Benoit Paillé (Quebec, Canada)
For the past 3 years Benoit Paillé photographed his family at different Rainbow Gatherings (temporary international communities), resulting in one of the most appreciated Behance photography projects ever. [Project Link]

#4: Sucker for Soccer by by Zoran Lucić (Bosnia)
Graphic design meets soccer fandom in Zoran Lucić‘s Sucker for Soccer project. Each of the 57 vintage looking designs features original illustrations and typography. [Project Link]

#3: Double Exposure Portraits by Dan Mountford (Brighton, United Kingdom)
Dan Mountford created all images “in camera” for his Double Exposure Portraits series. Merging portraits with public spaces, these photographs tell a wonderful visual story with very few edits made in post production. [Project Link]

#2: The Art of Negative Space by Tang Yau Hoong (Malaysia)
From moustaches to dinosaurs, The Art of Negative Space plays with the use of negative space in a series of colorful illustrations that each merit a second look. [Project Link]

#1. Solitude by Joe Fenton (Brooklyn, New York)
Solitude by Joe Fenton showcases the progress of his intricately detailed graphite (and eventually ink and acrylic) illustration. The 8 by 5 foot piece, our most appreciated project from 2011, is filled with hidden moments and creatures that are just waiting to be discovered. [Project Link]   
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