Cuckoo Clock Gives Gumball To Lucky Staff Member For Each New Twitter Follower

A UK ad agency creates a physical app that alerts and rewards employees for new social media fans.

U.K-based ad agency Uniform has created a specially designed cuckoo clock that gives out a gumball whenever they get a new follower on Twitter. The Sweet Tweet clock dispenses bubble gum treats in real time and is a useful tool that alerts and rewards the staff. The link to the Sweet Tweet video is also tweeted to the new follower along with the message, “Thanks for following us, you just set a gumball free.”

Sweet Tweet is an extension of the idea that a physical object can connect to the Internet to access information without having to use standard computer peripherals like a mouse, keyboard or screen. Uniform explains that:

We wanted to create a physical app that connected our studio to our Twitter followers… Now every time we’re followed everyone in the studio shares a very tangible, glanceable and aural notification as our clock toots and tweets a sweets, which makes us all smile.”

Watch the video below to see the Sweet Tweet clock in action.