High-Tech Baseball Cap Will Stop Truckers Falling Asleep At The Wheel

The SmartCap monitors brainwaves to detect fatigue and can reduce workplace accidents caused by drowsiness.

The SmartCap may look like an ordinary baseball cap, but it’s equipped with waterproof sensors in the lining that can measure electrical activity of the brain and determine the wearer’s level of alertness. The information is transmitted by Bluetooth to a smartphone or special SmartCap touchscreen monitor where the user will be able to see their fatigue level. If the cap detects that the wearer is becoming too tired, audible and visual alarms will go off. Taking the cap off will also set off the alarms.

The SmartCap was invented by an Australian tech company called EdanSafe. It’s designed to be an occupational safety management tool for vehicle drivers and heavy equipment operators where fatigue can result in fatal accidents.