Drive To Brazil’s Carnaval In A Car Powered By Facebook

Three winners were selected for the road trip but they need to get 220,000 likes and comments to make it all the way.

A contest held by soft drinks company Guarana Antarctica is letting three people go to Brazil’s Carnaval based on their online influence and Facebook interactions. The car they are traveling in is powered by likes and comments, converting them into the number of miles it can go and preventing the car from going any further if there aren’t enough online interactions.

Driving To Brazil's Carnaval In A Car Powered By Facebook

The campaign, developed by Espalhe Guerilla Marketing, chose three participants who posted creative phrases on Guarana’s Facebook page to get a place in the Facebook-powered car. While driving the car from Sao Paolo to Salvador for the party, they need to reach 220,000 interactions on the Facebook app to make it to their destination.

Driving To Brazil's Carnaval In A Car Powered By Facebook

Each time one person clicks the like button, this is converted to 10 meters for the car’s journey, and when someone posts a comment the car can go another 20 meters. There is a tablet fitted in the car, which shows the number of interactions in real-time, how much ‘fuel’ they have managed to acquire and how far they still have to go.

Guarana Antarctica