Electric Camper Is A Sustainable Home On Wheels [Pics]

Electric Camper Is A Sustainable Home On Wheels [Pics]

Jay Nelson's 'Golden Gate' vehicle is equipped with a bed, kitchen, toilet and integrated storage compartments.

Emma Hutchings

This interesting craftsman camping EV was built by San Francisco artist Jay Nelson. Called the ‘Golden Gate,’ it was constructed out of plywood, fiberglass, epoxy resin, bicycle parts and an electric motor. The tiny camper car measures 96″x54″x64″ and is equipped with a sink, stove, cooler, storage compartments, toilet and a bed. The electric vehicle can travel 10 miles on a single charge and goes up to 20mph. The driver sits cross legged while travelling along, operating the car using the controls in the steering wheel. Click through to see more photos of the ‘Golden Gate’:

Jay Nelson