Future Of Medicine May Have You Swallowing Super Fast Nano-Rockets

New remedy delivery system could travel incredibly fast using only our stomach acid to propel itself.

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego, have created microscopic capsules that can travel at lightening fast speeds. These “microrockets” are powered by the bubbles of hydrogen from the stomach acid to propel itself 1,050 nanometers per second. At only 10 nanometers long, that’s the same equivalence as a human traveling at 400 miles per hour.

The microrockets are created from zinc, which is a considered as a more eco-friendly material when compared to other materials. Researcher Joseph Wang commented that the applications of these nano-devices can include targeted drug delivery and even human imaging and monitoring industrial applications.

Wang and his team are currently developing a microrocket coated with a magnetic layer to allow scientists to guide it towards “cargo for pick-up, transport and release.”