Installation Lets Hotel Guests Create Interactive Art With Emerging Talent [Pics]

Opposite House in Beijing hosts an exhibit that let’s guest participate and talk with young artists.

The I-Ching art installation is currently exhibited at the Opposite House hotel in Beijing, China. The exhibit includes 64 phrases from the ancient Chinese text, also known as ‘The Book of Changes,’ inscribed on black and white umbrellas. When the artist Huang Rui is in the hotel, guests are invited to stand with him in a circle holding the umbrellas to have a one-one-one exchange. The exchange may be spoken or silent depending on the artist’s mood. From above, the group of umbrellas look like the yin yang symbol, representing peace and harmony.

The Opposite House hosts a calendar of exhibits from renowned and emerging artist that attract guests and the general public to the hotel. Previous exhibitions have included Chen Weling’s sculptural series ‘Red Memory’ and Li Xiaoling’s ‘Enhance the Beauty.’

Opposite House

Images via Cool Hunting