Forget About An MBA: Mentorship Program Has Top Start-up Founders As Teachers

Unconventional education model enlists the help of well-known social and tech gurus.

When you consider the cost of earning an MBA–that can easily exceed $100,000–most people begin to seek alternative ways to network and gain professional insights. Kane Sarhan and Shaila Ittycheria are co-founders of Enstitute, a program for young aspiring students to be mentored by some of New York’s top entrepreneurs.

Enstitute currently enlists 31 well-regarded NYC entrepreneurs from 15 different companies who are participating in the mentorship program. Some of these mentors include founders of Thrillist, HowAboutWe, Nestio,, Pixable, Flavorpill and SinglePlatform.

Sarhan and Ittycheria feel that the “right path” to becoming an entrepreneur is to think outside the traditional education model. The not-for-profit Enstitute program is open to 18-24 year olds who have obtained a minimum of a high school diploma. 15 students will be be accepted to participate in the two-year apprenticeship in New York.