Culinary Magazine Demonstrates The Amusing Alternate Uses Of Food [Video]

Kinfolk magazine releases short, humorous film in anticipation of the release of their third volume this Spring.

Kat Popiel
Kat Popiel on March 21, 2012. @mamakitten

This short film by Kinfolk magazine embodies the whimsical and simple nature of the publication’s philosophy behind the connecting nature of food.  At only 43 seconds in length, it opens with a man tying a bow tie made of basil.  What follows is a circus of ingredients: nuttella spread as a mustache, orange juice thrown in the air then caught in the glass and eggs playfully placed in front of eyes only to be crushed, broken and spilling everywhere.

To commemorate the release of their third volume, their film beautifully earmarks the Spring with grace and a naughty anticipation for the season to come.

Check out the very sweet video below:

Kinfolk Magazine

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