Crowdsourced Guide Tells You Exactly Where Your Food Came From

RealTimeFarms has created a crowd-sourced, nationwide guide to help consumers understand the route food took from farm to table.

In an attempt to document the nation’s entire food supply system, Real Time Farms  has developed a website that helps users learn about the origins of their food, and visualize the journey it took to reach their table. The online platform leverages crowdsourcing to work towards this end, enabling anyone to upload information about their local farms to the system, thereby, creating a nationwide guide to help people understand the route food takes from the farm to the table. Anyone from farmers to food lovers can share information about how food was grown, who grew it and where to find it. Restaurants may additionally sign up for a paid service, using a menu management tool to add connections to farms and food artisans.real-time-farms

Real Time Farms