Behance Update Takes Design Trend Research To A Higher Level

As part of his mission to organize the creative world, Scott Belsky allows his creative portfolio site to act like a research portal.

As part of his mission to organize the creative world, Scott Belsky asked his team to redesign creative portfolio site Behance with new features. In doing so, he seems to have turned the popular design portal into a research portal. When Belsky came by to show us the new update earlier this week, he told us that he thought PSFK readers would be excited about new features that allow a higher level of browsing: by creative tool.

The updated Behance site allows users to look at the latest examples of creative work by software, hardware and materials used. For example, the site can show you all work that has been photographed by a certain type of camera.

It can also show the most popular projects that use certain materials,  such as glass.

And all of these searches can be focused further, with options to cut the database by software used, geography, school or even keyword.

Belsky says that they’ve been tracking user and metadata for a long while now (for example metadata is attached to every image by every digital camera), so the database is vast.  For anyone looking for new ideas, the updated Behance should be a first port-of-call.