Gaga And Björk’s Clothings Designer Envisions Garments Made From Smoke

Iris van Herpen creates artistic garments, taking inspiration from mummification, synesthesia and microscopic organisms.

Dutch designer Iris van Herpen creates sculptural garments using advanced 3D printing techniques and takes inspiration from diverse areas such as synesthesia, mummification and microscopic organisms. She has created garments for the likes of Björk, Lady Gaga, Solange Knowles and Lindsay Lohan, and collaborated with United Nude on a number of products including the striking “Fang” shoes. Van Herpen envisions a future where unorthodox garments could be made from ‘non-material’ elements, like water and smoke. In an interview with Nowness, she said:

How interesting would it be if you could wear non-material things like smoke or water? I really think in the future it will be possible. We’ll be wearing things that are non-material, like a hologram that is a dress around you. You already have telephones where the shape of the person you are speaking to comes out of the phone as a hologram.

Click through to see some artistic pieces from Iris van Herpen’s past collections:

Iris van Herpen