Issey Miyake Collaborates With Scientists On Origami Fashion Line [Pics]

A collection of eco-friendly pieces that can be folded flat into 2D art forms.

132 5. is a unique fashion project developed by well-known fashion designer Issey Miyake and his in-house team of scientists from Reality Lab. Jun Mitani, a computer scientist and professor, led a team of researchers to create an algorithm than can allow 3D fashion wear and accessories to be folded into flat 2D forms, almost like an origami.

The pieces in the 132 5. range are not only fashion forward, but they’re also eco-friendly. The items use local materials in Japan and are made with a special polyester blend that reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent. The collection has also been nominated for Design of the Year Award 2012.

Check out the thumbnails below to see more pieces from the collection:

Issey Miyake